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Optical Calcite

Item Description:

     These are really beautiful double-refractive, ice-water clear pieces of Optical Calcite, also known as Icelandic Spar. Optical Calcite comes from various regions around the world,  including Iceland, United States and Brazil. Optical Calcite is so clear that it has value for optical purposes; e.g., polarizers, lenses etc. You can read a newspaper through Optical Clear Calcite! You're not seeing double when you look through them, though; when light passes through this transparent Calcite it bends two ways, making images appear double.


     Optical Calcite carries a very high and unique vibration that is evident just by holding them. These pieces are great for placing on the chakras during body-layouts and meditation. Their energies of manifestation make them excellent for grid work. These Calcite pieces naturally form parallelogram shapes, making them excellent pieces for energy grids layouts.


     The Vikings used the light-polarizing property of Iceland Spar to tell the direction of the sun on cloudy days for navigational purposes. The polarization of sunlight close to the arctic circle can be detected, and the direction of the sun identified to within a few degrees in both cloudy and twilight conditions using this Calcite and the naked eye. The recovery of an Iceland Spar “sunstone” from the Elizabethan ship Alderney, which sank in 1592, suggests that this navigational technology may have persisted even after the invention of the magnetic compass!

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     Each of our specimens are unique, and will vary from the pictures shown. Pictures shown are merely an example from our stock of what you will receive upon purchase.

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