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     We are proud to offer a number of beautiful zeolite specimens from India. Zeolites are a family of minerals and related minerals, including chabazite, stilbite, heulandite, goosecreekite, laumonite, natrolite and others. Technically, zeolites are framework silicates with exchangeable cations and some of the minerals considered zeolites metaphysically do not strictly fit the technical criteria, but are like "cousins".


     At one time heulandite and stilbite were considered to be identical minerals. After they were found to be two separate species, in 1818, the name desmine ("a bundle") was proposed for stilbite, and this name is still employed in Germany. The English name "stilbite" is from the Greek “stilbein” meaning to shine, because of the pearly luster of the 10 faces of the crystal habit.


     Stilbite is often used for psychic guidance and creativity. Carrying a fine, loving vibration, Stilbite is said to help with all kinds of metaphysical endeavors, and especially with spiritual travel. It is known that people often lose all or some of their memories of spiritual or other metaphysical experiences due to the fact that, to facilitate such experiences, usually a deeper meditative state, such as beta or theta, is necessary. Stilbite can also help with acceptance and letting go. It is also used for manifestation. Physically, stilbite is used in crystal healing for removing toxins, and for laryngitis. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Stilbite is associated with the heart, crown, and throat chakras.



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     Each of our specimens are unique, and will vary from the pictures shown. Pictures shown are merely an example from our stock of what you will receive upon purchase.

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